Allison TurnerAllison Turner is a speaker, business coach and marketer who owns BatCat Media Group and Dream Plan Start Grow, a subsidiary. She is a skilled professional who has accrued more than 25 years of experience in management, customer service, marketing, and communications. 

She believes in living her life as a perpetual student, seeking out mentors, growing through masterminds, reading business and personal development books in order to continue improving her own life and understand better understand the world around her. Allison Turner is passionate about setting and reaching goals, a passion that she started developing during her time as a Division I college athlete, competing as a part of the Northwestern University tennis team. 

Today, she loves speaking on the topic of entrepreneurship and building a business as well as working with startup companies and entrepreneurs that have plateaued through her business coaching program.  She provides learning resources through her podcast that interviews everyday entrepreneurs on how they got their start and blog on the Dream Plan Start Grow website.