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About Allison Turner

Allison Turner is a skilled professional who has accrued more than 25 years of experience in management, customer service, marketing, and communications. She is passionate about setting and reaching goals, a passion that she developed during her time as a Division I college athlete, competing as a part of the Northwestern University tennis team. Today, she oversees multiple divisions of BCoSF, Inc., including Business Consultants of South Florida, BCoSF Media, Dream Plan Start Grow and Turnkey Music Studio. Allison earned her Bachelor of Arts at Northwestern and her Master of Business Administration at Florida Atlantic University, and she launched Business Consultants of South Florida, a division of BCoSF, Inc. in 2013, eventually buying out her partner in 2014 and becoming the sole owner of the company. She believes in living her life as a perpetual student, seeking out mentors and following business trends in order to better understand the world around her.
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