Be proactive and take responsibility in your health, business and happiness. I filmed my next episode of the Dream Plan Start Grow show with Dr. Hepsharat Amadi a Holistic Doctor in Broward County. She works with patients who “who accept responsibility for their own health and work with her as a team.” She practices working with people to keep them healthy and away from disease. In order to do this, each person must be proactive and take responsibility for their health. 

This philosophy is extremely important when talking about your health but it is also very important when talking about being a business owner. When a person starts a business, he/she has to adhere to these same principles – be proactive and take responsibility. Be proactive by planning what you can. Take responsibility for your mistakes. Ultimately, even if you have employees, the buck stops with you, the business owner. 

Even when outside circumstances come into play such as a shift in the economy or a global pandemic, ultimately you the business owner are still responsible for the business. Instead of blaming outside circumstances, you must say, it is what it is, so what’s my next step. There’s absolutely nothing you can do to change the circumstance but there are certainly things you can proactively do to change the end result. 

When it comes to life, I’m a firm believer that we have to be proactive and take responsibility. This is for the area of health, relationships, business, and more. If you are the type of person who always blames others for perceived issues, you may not be a great business owner. 

Resources for Entrepreneurs and Business Owners

If you are considering starting a business or in the early stages of entrepreneurship but aren’t quite sure what your next steps might be, set up a 30-minute complimentary discovery call with me. Check out our podcast and video pages on for additional resources for someone considering starting a business, someone having started a business or someone who has been in business. I believe we learn from many types of people and I interview some amazing entrepreneurs on how they got their start. Within that, each person shares some great tips that they have learned along the way.