Today is August 31st, 2022, and it is the final day of my Blog a Day Challenge! I made it! Was this easy? Some days it was and some days it wasn’t. Why did I do it? I wanted to get in the habit of writing a little bit everyday, so as I start working on my book I’m prepared to contribute daily. I often think that I need a HUGE block of time to do something but in reality, I can use 15-30 minutes a day to write 250-500 words and that in the long run will accomplish my goal. When I’m consistent and committed, there is nothing that I can’t do. 

What person, whether you are a business owner or not, feels they have plenty of time everyday? I always hear from friends, family and business associates that they all need more time. We come up with huge list of items to complete for ourselves, our business, our family and then get frustrated at the end of the day when it isn’t achieved. What we don’t always understand is sometimes, something is better than nothing. For example, let’s take my favorite, exercise. For those who haven’t exercised in a really long time and feel they just don’t have the time, why not start with something 15 minutes a day three to four days per week? That’s exercise. You can walk, do body weight exercises, yoga, bands and more all from your home. As you get into the habit, you can slowly increase the time as your schedule allows. 

For my Type A personalities in the crowd (Go Type A), we feel we have to get it all done. We are structured, consistent and committed but then we beat ourselves up if we don’t achieve everything we want. The problem isn’t that we don’t have enough time but we aren’t structuring our work flow to fully exploit the time we have. 

Today, I challenge you to commit to something you want to improve for one month. It doesn’t have to be writing or exercise. Maybe you commit to doing a video a day or improving your health through cooking / eating only healthy options. At the end of the period, I guarantee you will feel the accomplishment and positive change in your life! Creating your best life starts with consistency and commitment. You can do it! 

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