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Create Your Best Day!

Create your best day! I find that my days go much smoother when I don’t have appointments first thing in the morning, which is often not the case. Today I arrived at the office a little after 9:00am on a mission to get a lot accomplished before the filming of my podcast at 5:00pm. 

My goal? Finish my day by 5:00pm, film from 5:00-6:00pm and head to the gym right after in order to get home in ample time for my Institute for Regional Conservation Board meeting at 7:30pm. I am committed to achieve this! 

When reviewing my schedule for today, I created a list of items that I want to complete in the first half of the day. Around 2:00pm, I typically have a lull in concentration, where I get really sleepy and have to pause for a couple of minutes, have a cup of green tea and then restart. If I can get the items (like this blog) done early, it helps keep me focus in the afternoon on items that are important but maybe don’t need as much brain power to handle. 

The trick? Be intentional with your schedule. Today is easy because I don’t have any appointments until 5:00pm. Most days it’s not so easy because I have appointments peppered through the day. Even then, we can create our schedule to work for us. I’m the first to admit that I don’t always do that but I’ve improved over the years. Generally, I don’t schedule meetings on Mondays and Fridays (except for my Friday Toastmasters Meeting) but occasionally I make an exception. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday are generally ripe with meetings. I do my best to focus those meetings in clumps so I still have time to work in between but I feel I am never “as productive” on those days. I continue to remind myself that meetings are about building and nurturing relationships for the company and they are just as important and sometimes even more important than checking a task off of my list!

For me to create my best day, I review my schedule before the start of the day and am very intentional about what must get done and what will be delegated (if possible) or moved to a different day for me to complete. I see and feel the successful day before it even happens! What helps you to create your best day? 

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