Feeling scattered – some days it happens. For the last couple of days, I’ve felt scattered and a little tired in the afternoons and evenings. While I still get a lot done, I feel that it isn’t enough and I don’t always get the “right” things done. Yesterday, when I was heading to bed, I felt like my body was buzzing and my brain was still going. I took some deep breaths and started visualizing the perfect day. That relaxed me in order to fall asleep. 

Have you ever felt just a little bit off. Everything is going right but nothing seems to be going right. That’s how I’ve felt the last couple of days. Nothing has changed; my morning routine is still the same, my eating habits are pretty good and I drink ample water and don’t drink alcohol. As an entrepreneur and simply a human, we have those days when we simply need to recharge. It’s necessary and you can’t ignore the signs. 

Recharge Your Batteries 

  1. Take time for you by taking a break during the day to go for a walk or go out in nature
  2. Exercise daily even if it’s a short walk 
  3. Get ample sleep
  4. Eliminate alcohol and sugar
  5. Eat healthy including fresh fruits and vegetables. 
  6. Practice meditation, yoga or visualization
  7. Eliminate social media and the news or anything that leads to negativity

Ultimately, you are responsible for your health and happiness. If you start feeling scattered and a bit off, take a moment to reset and recharge. Take some downtime during the day

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