Most business owners that I know are always busy! Between running the business, fulfilling the work, networking, taking care of their family and themselves, there is no time left. I often find myself in the position of making a choice to do one thing over another. 

For example, tonight, I had two different events that I could potentially attend but I ended up not going to either in lieu of finishing up some work and getting my walk in. Why do this? The priority for me today was my health and making sure I have ample time to wind down and get to bed on time. I knew if I went to either event that would definitely push my schedule much later than I wanted. 

Making a choice is sometimes necessary when we have too many things that have to happen. For me to do this, I review the rest of my week that is coming up and look at what is important to get completed. Are there items that need to get completed that I could add to my schedule tomorrow? I did push one to tomorrow. Are there items I can skip today? The two  nonnegotiable things that I must get done today are the walk and this blog. Both are more time consuming totaling at least an hour to an hour in a half. 

I encourage anyone reading this article to determine what your priorities are so when it comes to determining the best path and making that choice, it may not be easy but it is obvious. 

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