Small Business owners sometimes get overwhelmed by all of the day-to-day decisions that need to be made. So much of the time, it is sweating over small stuff. Which CRM do I use? What funnel service? What hosting company? What webinar service? Business is a mental game! 

Do you have that voice in your head asking, Did I make the right decision. What if? What if? What if? In today’s day and age, there are so many tools that weren’t available even five to ten years ago. More and more come on the market every day stating they are the best. 

Instead of moving forward in making the choice, the person researches the pros and cons of different services before making the decision. I’m all for researching these platforms and checking out the reviews to see which features are the best for your business but give yourself a time limit. Don’t spend days making a decision over one piece of your business and never move forward. I can speak to this because I’ve been there. Even recently, I was started to use one platform then a mentor switched to a different platform and I was starting to second guess myself. I looked at the two side-by-side and it just didn’t make sense to start again. There were small features that were different but nothing that would make a major impact in what I was using it for. Instead of starting over, I stayed the course and moved forward. 

All too often, an entrepreneur starting a company gets paralyzed by all of the choices. So much of today’s business is built online and each platform has multiple choices from different companies. What do you do? Make a list what you need immediately. Have a mentor or coach review that list because the worse thing as a start up company is to spend money where you don’t need to spend it. Purchase what you are ready to use and set up. Only pay for what you are ready to implement NOW. Even if you know you will need a webinar platform in the future, there’s no need to worry about that today. Stay the course and keep moving forward. Don’t get stuck in the paralysis by analysis in business syndrome. It happens way too often with startup companies. 

As an entrepreneur, the name of the game is progress. It’s best to take small steps each and every day count than be paralyzed for a week making a decision, choose the platform then sit for another week determining the next steps to use it. Sound familiar? Daily execution is essential! Understand your goals, determine your action steps and create step by step progress to move your company forward and GROW! Do NOT get stuck in the hamster wheel known as paralysis by analysis in business!