Barbara Majeski
Dream Plan Start Grow
Barbara Majeski: Creating the Life She Wants

Barbara Majeski knew from the time she graduated from college that she needed to create the life she wants! No job was going to hand it to her. At the time, she didn’t know the way or the how but was willing to figure it out along the way. She immediately went looking for her solution!

Host Bio: Allison Turner is the owner of BatCat Media Group, and its subsidiary Dream Plan Start Grow. Her passion lies in assisting entrepreneurs with business coaching and marketing to help bring their vision and business to fruition. She particularly enjoys working with new business owners, guiding them in developing their brand and bringing their vision to life. Allison’s love for entrepreneurship is evident in her desire to educate potential and new business owners about the journey of entrepreneurship. Through exploration and sharing of experiences, she hopes to empower and equip aspiring entrepreneurs with the knowledge they need to succeed.

Guest Bio: Barbara Majeski has always been a woman of strength, resilience, and an infectious zest for life. But her journey through motherhood, a cancer diagnosis, and a successful career as an on-air personality have all played pivotal roles in shaping her into the “Curator of the Good Life.”

For her, being the “Curator of the Good Life” means more than just enjoying the finer things in life. It’s about embracing every moment, whether filled with joy or hardship, and using those experiences to cultivate a life filled with style, purpose, and adventure. Today, she is a TV Personality, the CEO & Founder of the More Life Collective, and the mother of three.