Saturdays are sometimes a day of work and sometimes a day of rest for me. Today was the latter; I put on my oxygen mask first to help me. I’m still on Phase Two of Live Hard, so after I got up, I read 10 pages of the E-Myth, walked for 45 minutes, and drank part of my 128oz of water.  I spent several hours with Jack before heading to a business expo that was taking place in a mall. 

Upon arriving at the expo, I realized it wasn’t as large as I was hoping it would be, so I spent some time walking around the outlet mall. I haven’t been at this particular place in years so it was fun seeing what was still there  and not there. I haven’t spent any time in a mall for the last few years so this was fun to walk around and see the different stores. I completed my second 45-minutes of exercise for Phase Two by walking the mall amongst the large crowd. While walking I was able to continue listening to Plant Paradox on Audible while weaving in and out of the people at the mall. 

I found it refreshing to see a lot of different people and look around the mall. Sometimes I need a break and mindless entertainment helps make that happen. Its been far too long since I’ve done that. It’s a fight for me to do something so mindless when I know there are other things that need to get done at home and work. On the one hand I feel guilty for not working but on the other hand I know in my heart that I need a break. It’s been a long week. I’m thankful that I took the time today for me. 

What do you do in this situation? As a business owner, you always care what is happening in your business. Your business is your child. As they say on an airplane, make sure you put on your oxygen mask before you take care of the oxygen for your children. Today I put on my oxygen mask, relaxed, and had some fun. What about you? 

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