Commit to your dream! For the month of August, I have committed to writing a daily blog that shares different successes and challenges I encounter in my daily life as a small business owner.

Today, I was out with one of our dogs, Bandit, doing our morning walk. We do our best to walk three plus miles a day right around daybreak. What happened today? We walked over to the ocean, paused to take a quick photo of the dawn starting to break over the water, and kept walking. Suddenly we felt some drops of rain. I had looked at the radar prior to leaving and saw NOTHING! When I looked at it again at that moment, there was one small green blip right over our area. As the rain started to increase, get harder and blow sideways (literally at the end of our walk, one side of my shirt still had some dry spots), there was nothing we could do but walk. One foot in front of the other. Yes, we could have stopped at one of the shelters by the beach to get out of the rain. Yes, we could have hovered next to the bushes for some cover since the rain was blowing sideways. In the end, we still needed to walk to get back home. 

Has this happened to you in business? It certainly has to me. You are steadily making progress towards your dream and vision for your company when suddenly there’s an obstacle and a giant figurative downpour happens. You feel like your progress that you made is now being stopped or even reversed. Ultimately, your thoughts are simply your thoughts and often not reality. The progress you made is real! 

Isn’t this what entrepreneurship all about? It’s hitting that snag in the path and determining if this is the place to push through as Bandit and I did this morning during the driving rain or do you need to take a different path. Sometimes the downpour is simply a distraction that brings fear and clouds your judgement. You pause or take shelter or turn back the other way in order to escape it the downpour. What if we consider the downpour as an opportunity to reevaluate the situation and adjust slightly.

The next time that torrential downpour hits, think of Gene Kelly in Singing in the Rain as he walks out into the rain, decides to put down his umbrella and break into song. How can each of us use that lesson when the downpour hits? Let’s embrace the rain and make something out of it. Commit to your dream! 

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