Does Work Ever End? I seem to have grand plans to get a lot of work done on a weekend. Sometimes I make it happen, but today I finished a couple of items but not as much as I would have liked. BUT what I did complete is I got my two rounds of exercise for Phase Two of the Live Hard program in by 2:15pm and then went to two different grocery stores to stock up on some food items and supplements that I will need in the next week. In my mind I accomplished quite a bit, even though it isn’t quantifiable in terms of work items. 

As much as I would love to catch up on all of the work items, my health is more important so picking up organic produce and other items is far easier for me to do on the weekend than during the week. During the week, I am happy to supplement with a few items as needed. 

Does Work Ever End?

How do you prioritize your schedule? Is it work, work, work and no play? As I wrote yesterday, I went down to a business expo at a mall and then spent some time walking around the mall to check it out since I hadn’t been there in several years. It was mindless entertainment. 

We often hear the word, ‘balance’, when we are a business owner. To be honest, in my mind there is no such thing as balance! Essentially, I need to weigh business, personal, health and finances to make sure all are covered. The business may be more hours at times while the pendulum may swing to my health, personal and finance side at other times. In all honesty, as I have shared in the past, if you own a business, it all meshes together. You don’t leave the work at the office and turn your brain off at night or on the weekends UNLESS you have someone else totally running the company. 

What does need to happen is to feel out our bodies and understand exactly what we need in that moment and that’s what I challenge each person reading this to do! If you need rest, take it. If you need to focus on your health by going to the gym, do it. No excuses! Create your own ‘balance’! 

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