As a business owner, I’m always in a balancing act of fitting it all in. It’s a balancing act between professional and personal needs. Today, I had an early morning networking event at 8am on Zoom and then I needed to go vote in our primary in Florida before heading to the office. After a full day working, I filmed my podcast at 5:00pm and then finished up some additional work before heading to the gym. Then I came home to make a taco salad before unwinding and writing this blog. 

Some days are like this! While other days, I finish early with ample time to get it all done. How do I fit it all in? A lot of planning for the day and the week. I know what priorities I need to complete, so I’m able to get through it all. I won’t lie! It’s not easy and by the time I get to Fridays, I’m often exhausted. I know that ultimately I will complete what I prioritize. 

That’s the most important lesson in this! When there are things in your day that you have to get done, it’s all about prioritizing those items so you accomplish exactly what is needed. For example, I know that I must get the second round of exercise in daily during Phase Two, so I prioritize my schedule to make sure that will happen. With the pain I’m experiencing in my foot, I’m focused on doing more weights as the second round of exercise than walking twice daily each and every day. Again it’s a matter of prioritizing my health. I challenge everyone reading this article to look at your priorities; are you accomplishing the items that you need and want to accomplish? It’s about fitting it all in. 

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