It’s Monday and I hit the ground running! I was very intentional actually starting last night. I made sure to go to bed so I could get close to six hours of sleep. I got up at my normal time of 4:30am and completed my morning routine on time. What didn’t get accomplished over the weekend? Food prep for the week. I made some GF Blueberry muffins but didn’t get a chance to make anything else. This morning, I made two different soups and cooked my GF oatmeal for the week, all of which was done by 10am. 

This is the first Monday in the last few weeks that I’ve felt energized and ready to go. Why the change? I believe part of it was setting my intention to go to bed earlier, which allowed me to feel more rested. Once I completed my morning routine I was ready to start my day and get a jump on some items early. 

I truly believe intentionality plays into our lives far more than we give it credit for. For my second round of exercise today, I had wanted to go to the gym but when I finished later than expected, I decided to walk instead. Had I been intentional about it, I would have made it to the gym. What we put our minds to, we accomplish. 

What are you intentional about in your life? Do you hit the ground running? What is it that you are committed to 100%. Consider how this intentionality will set you apart from others around you. If you are having a hard time answering this question, then I recommend you take a long hard look at your life and determine what you can improve personally or professionally. 

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