I believe learning as an entrepreneur is critical in forcing me to level up every day. Today, I participated in the Speed Mentoring Session for Toastmasters. I joined Toastmasters in the Fall of 2021 because I wanted to improve my confidence in speaking and focus on launching my speaker career. I speak on helping ordinary people and entrepreneurs level up in their personal and professional lives. When the opportunity to attend this virtual mentoring session arose, I immediately signed even though it was on a Saturday morning. It fit into my big picture goals for myself. 

For the month of August, I have committed to writing a daily blog that shares different successes and challenges I encounter in my daily life as a small business owner. Learning is so important in our lives whether you are a business owner or not. If you aren’t learning on a daily basis, what helps you improve? What motivates you to leave the world a better place than when you arrived? 

When I joined Toastmasters last year, I had the desire to level up this area of my life. Previously, I had heard about Toastmasters and even known people that had participated. My response at the time – that’s not for me. What do I need Toastmasters for? 

As we continue learning as an entrepreneur, new opportunities for growth naturally come before us. Last year, it was apparent that I wanted to join a local club. I explored two clubs in the area and decided that Sailfish Toastmasters was the club for me. We meet every Friday at noon via Zoom but we are launching a hybrid model later this year, so I am excited to get the opportunity to be live and in person to level my public speaking up even more. If you are interested in visiting our club, send me an email to success@dreamplanstartgrow.com. 

Why is learning as an entrepreneur important? 

  1. Learning keeps our minds fresh and always seeking more
  2. Learning helps challenge us to see a bigger vision for our personal and professional lives
  3. Learning keeps adding new dimensions into our lives that allow us to level up and make an even greater impact on those around us
  4. Learning inspires creativity
  5. Learning opens our daily lives to an even greater world and allows us to understand and empathize with people different than us

If you feel you are not actively learning, I recommend challenging yourself by reading 10 pages a day of a personal development book, listen to a podcast, find a topic that interests you and read more on it. So many ways exist to learn more and more. 

Resources for Entrepreneurs and Business Owners

If you are considering starting a business or in the early stages of entrepreneurship but aren’t quite sure what your next steps might be, set up a 30-minute complimentary discovery call with me. Check out our podcast and video pages on DreamPlanStartGrow.com for additional resources for someone considering starting a business, someone having started a business or someone who has been in business. I believe we learn from many types of people and I interview some amazing entrepreneurs on how they got their start. Within that, each person shares some great tips that they have learned along the way.