Today is one of the Monday morning challenges when I have this battle within whether to get up when my alarm goes off at 4:30am or go back to sleep. Do I hit the ground running or go back to bed? I don’t schedule Monday appointments so in my mind there is no hurry. I don’t have to be ready for any meeting right after my walk. The alarm that vibrates on my wrist is the first one that I feel. I have a back-up alarm that goes off at 4:45am. Today, I decided to change that alarm to 6:10am. Then I kept waking up and finally got up at 5:10am. What prompted me to get up? I know I have goals to meet and items to complete such as my daily blog for the month of August. 

This doesn’t happen everyday but I do find it more so on Mondays when I come off the weekend where I have no set schedule to wake up by. This is the first day of the new week where I go back to my set schedule. Once I get back on my weekly schedule, I feel so much better. I’m more productive, alert, ready to go and up for new opportunities. 

Routine Helps Overcome the Monday Morning Challenges

What does this tell me? Perhaps, I should maintain more of a routine/schedule on the weekend. While I probably won’t stick to 4:30am, maybe getting up at 6:30 or 7:00am would be good to stay in the flow of the week. Sometimes, I do just this but oftentimes I don’t. What works for you? 

I find routine works best for me. I tend to get the most done when I have the most to get done. When I set the tone for my day by getting up early, completing my morning routine, getting my exercise in, I am ready and raring to go to attack the rest of the day. 

I challenge you to find what works best for you. If you are a morning person, get up early, set the tone for your day early. If you are a night person, maybe you set an alarm for later, complete your morning routine and get into the rest of the day. Many of us experience Monday morning challenges but we simply push through and find the best way that works for us. 

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