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The Entrepreneurial Mindset: Interview with Jeff Perlman

The entrepreneurial mindset is important for the success of any business. Jeff Perlman, writer, author, former Mayor of Delray Beach, business owner, entrepreneur and Executive Vice President of CDS Holdings, has attributed much of his journey and success to having an entrepreneurial mindset.

Host Bio: Allison Turner owns both BatCat Media Group and Dream Plan Start Grow, which is a subsidiary of BatCat. She loves working with entrepreneurs through business coaching and marketing to make their vision and business shine. One of her true passions is working with new business owners and those looking to start a business on bringing their vision and brand to life. She loves exploring the entrepreneurial journey with each of her guests to educate new business owners and potential business owners on the journey of entrepreneurship.

Guest Bio: Jeff Perlman has enjoyed a long career in politics, business, publishing and economic development.

He served on the Delray Beach City Commission from 2000-07, including four years as mayor. During his tenure, he was a finalist for Florida Mayor of the Year and World Mayor of the Year.

Under his leadership, Delray Beach gained national recognition for its renaissance led by the creation of one of the finest downtowns in America. Among his accomplishments: a Downtown Master Plan, creation of the cultural plan, passage of the 2005 Parks Bond and a vision for the Congress Avenue corporate/Innovation corridor.

He is currently Executive Vice President at CDS International Holdings, a delray based family office that operates businesses in behalf of Carl DeSantis, the founder of Rexall Sundown. Activities include real estate, hotels, restaurants, office buildings, a hot sauce company and we remain large investors in Celsius.

Prior entrepreneurial stints include serving as CEO of Delray Brand Group/Community Ventures Inc.,  COO of Celsius, a publicly traded beverage company, Executive Vice President of BRN Media Group, founder and publisher of The Education Times and President of Magnum Publishing which was sold to BRN Media Group.

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