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Jennifer Perez: Leaving a Job You Love to Embrace Entrepreneurship

Jennifer Perez finally made the shift to full-time entrepreneurship in 2022. Having started her company several years earlier, she had a full-time job she loved with great pay and benefits. Why leave something you love to go out into the uncharted territory of entrepreneurship? In 2022, when her employer sold the company, she was pushed to finally make the decision and go all in on her company, Mastering Your Profit. Learn more about Jennifer’s journey as well as how embracing the accounting strategy, Profit First, has allowed her and her clients to create a profitable business and life!

Host Bio: Allison Turner is the owner of BatCat Media Group, and its subsidiary Dream Plan Start Grow. Her passion lies in assisting entrepreneurs with business coaching and marketing to help bring their vision and business to fruition. She particularly enjoys working with new business owners, guiding them in developing their brand and bringing their vision to life. Allison’s love for entrepreneurship is evident in her desire to educate potential and new business owners about the journey of entrepreneurship. Through exploration and sharing of experiences, she hopes to empower and equip aspiring entrepreneurs with the knowledge they need to succeed.

Guest Bio: In 2013, Jennifer Perez hit her rock bottom. She was buried in student debt and living week to week. For as much dedication as she was putting into my 3 jobs, she wasn’t feeling the satisfaction and pride in myself that should be included with working so hard. She cut out a lot of social activities with friends, and when she splurged or rewarded myself, she always felt guilty. It felt like she wasn’t living life for myself anymore. she felt trapped.

When the depression and anxiety became too much, she decided to start working with financial advisors, attorneys, CPAs, bankers, and even financial gurus. She eventually decided to file bankruptcy in an attempt to stop the pain and buy myself more time to figure everything out.

By reading several books, taking workshops, and surrounding myself with financially successful people, she re-learned how to live only off of what she made and restructured my entire money mindset. Since then, she’s been on over 30 vacations, paid in cash for her dream wedding, built a house, built better relationships, and started a family and business!