Marlon Wolfman
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Marlon Wolfman: Building a New Accounting Model

Marlon Wolfman, owner of FutureFy Tax & Accounting Solutions, decided to leave his accounting partnership to go out on his own. He wanted to build an accounting firm that focused on helping his small business clients grow. To do this, Marlon has focused on a year-round accounting model that has Marlon involved in the business throughout the year and not simply one transaction per year.

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Guest Bio: Marlon M Wolfman is the founder of FutureFy Tax & Accounting Solutions, where he works closely with small business owners to help them achieve their long term goals through the use of proactive tax planning and insightful financial storytelling.

While Marlon’s saga began a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away (Brooklyn NY), his journey truly started at Florida Atlantic University where he would eventually graduate summa cum laude with a BBA in Accounting. Soon after, he would pursue and achieve his CPA license.

Marlon’s early career involved intensive tax return preparation at a well-regarded regional accounting firm. There he honed his expertise, eventually becoming a Supervisor responsible for leading team members, and became one of the two main trainers for new staff members entering the firm. A highlight of this period was his role in helping to structure the sale of one of his client’s businesses for mid eight figures, a deal that undoubtedly would have made even Lando Calrissian proud.

Despite his success, Marlon felt constrained by the firms relentless focus on tax compliance (a tale as old as time in the accounting industry), which left little room for client engagement or proactive advisement. This realization spurred Marlon to become an entrepreneurial small business owner himself, aiming to provide personalized and comprehensive services that larger firms couldn’t offer.