Dream Plan Start Grow
Dream Plan Start Grow
From Partying to Personal Training: A Journey of Health and Entrepreneurship

Mo Cooper spent the better part of her youth and twenties partying. Even after her diagnosis of MS at the age of 29, she continued to party. It wasn’t until she turned 39 that she started to work out. Today, she helps others to become healthy.

Host Bio: Allison Turner owns both BatCat Media Group and Dream Plan Start Grow, which is a subsidiary of BatCat. She loves working with entrepreneurs through business coaching and marketing to make their vision and business shine. One of her true passions is working with new business owners and those looking to start a business on bringing their vision and brand to life. She loves exploring the entrepreneurial journey with each of her guests to educate new business owners and potential business owners on the journey of entrepreneurship.

Guest Bio: Mo Cooper is a Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach at Mo Mind Body Soul, LLC. She guides professional women to find the time to seamlessly weave healthy habits into their busy lives so they can kick ass even better!

She uses her own system, G.L.O.W. to help others become healthy and win their battle for good.

  1. Get Clear on Your Goals
  2. Leverage “easy fixes” to play on each other and create greater change
  3. Obliterate challenges with a simple healthy habit system
  4. Win your battle once and for all!