The entrepreneurial journey requires you to take risks! The entrepreneurial journey requires you to continue pushing through your fears to create a business of your dreams. Starting a business is taking a vision from your head, planning and creating the next steps to move forward and ultimately growing and expanding that business. Hence the name of my business coaching program, Dream, Plan, Start Grow.  

According to Entrepreneur Magazine, by the end of the first year, 20% of businesses fail and by the end of the decade, 70% of those businesses fail. I’m convinced that some businesses fail because the owners don’t plan, don’t want to take risks or they push to a certain point and ultimately give up right on the edge of success. 

I love this quote by Frank McKinney in a recent podcast interview: “If you aren’t feeling fear, you are probably going down the most stagnant path in your life.”

How do you discern what is a solid risk that will have great results vs. a crazy risk that might ultimately hurt your business even more. Much of that is knowing your company’s path by being proactive in creating your plan for success and then having confidence in your journey. If you find yourself always reacting to situations in your business then it will be harder to achieve that success. Your personal growth and stature is as important as your company’s plan. Continue to invest in you to grow and expand, personally, professionally and spiritually. 

Dream – Plan – Start – Grow. Planning is absolutely key in breaking through your fears and taking risks to get to that next step. If you haven’t done this yet, take some time to write out your business goals, vision and plan. This is a very abbreviated version of a business plan but if you have nothing on paper then it will be harder to take concrete action to move forward. If you don’t know where you are going then how will you know what the next steps are that your company needs to take? 

If you need help with creating those next steps, let’s talk. I offer a complimentary 30-minute Discovery Session.