In my digital marketing business, when I am working with prospective clients who come to me with some need, whether it be website design, social media management, content creation, local SEO or more, I typically ask them what they are trying to accomplish. The answer shouldn’t just be to get more business. We are all trying do that. I want to know exactly what kind of business this business is seeking. Does the business want to increase the number of female customers or the number of small business b2b customers. I need to have a clear idea of what this business is trying to accomplish before ever taking them on as a client.

Why Set Goals

Goals are important because it gives you a roadmap on where you want your business to go. Do you want to gain more clients for a certain product or service. Do you want more media exposure. Do you want to increase your social media traffic. The more specific goals are the better you are able to quantify your results. I encourage clients to set clear goals for the year in the December before the year begins or early January. Review them on a monthly basis and see what you have accomplished and what you still need to improve upon. Once reviewed, you will know the next step. You will know the next strategy to employ and the next action steps to take.

Setting Your Strategies

Goals allow you to take the next step to set your strategies. For example, if you want to gain more clients in a particular coaching package that you have, your strategy might be to build a podcast or develop a video series. You might want to theme this out so you know exactly what direction you are taking. Are you going to do a video/podcast each week or once a month? Is there a specific theme you will have? A strategy is an overall game plan for the year.

Setting Action Steps

Now that you have your goals and strategies set, we are ready for the action steps. Action steps are how you are going to fulfill the strategies on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. For example, if you are doing a video a week, then set the day and time for when you will create the video and when you will have it edited and ready to publish to the world. If I plan to film a video every Friday then my action plan for the week might be the following:

          1. Monday: Set the title for the video
          2. Tuesday: Write the script or map out the bullet points that I want to cover
          3. Wednesday: Determine how I am going to film it. Is it green screen, outside etc.
          4. Thursday: Make sure you have all of the components ready to go
          5. Friday: Film and edit

Reviewing Your Goals

At the end of each month, I encourage you to review your goals and see what you have accomplished and what you might need to adjust for next month. Take pride in what you accomplish. Pat yourself on the back. If you didn’t get everything done, take a moment to review what that is and review and revise your action steps for next month.

Goals, strategies and action steps are a great way to hold yourself accountable and build success in your business. You will see how you continue to grow and expand with each new goal. Cheers to taking your business to the next level!