I was reminded today that each of us needs to think critically. I was listening to Glenn Lundy’s GM3X (formerly the #riseandgrind show) early this morning and one part of the message was to think critically. Instead of simply discounting that someone thinks differently than you or practices a different religion, learn about the practice for yourself instead of relying on mainstream sources to educate you. Do your own due diligence. 

Think Critically in Business

This especially applies to entrepreneurship. On the one hand, we want to learn, learn, learn so we go to conferences or we watch webinars. That’s a good thing EXCEPT if you are only doing that and not IMPLEMENTING anything. I need to think critically which ideas work for my business and implement them so my time and money spent learning pays off. 

When we go to conferences or spend any time on LinkedIn, you learn quickly that we are always being sold to. That’s not a bad thing but sometimes the entrepreneur has the shiny thing syndrome where he or she learns about the next program or next cool subscription and purchases it. After all, it is only $39.99 / month until you cancel it. Maybe we take a look at it for the first month or two then we forget about and all of a sudden we’ve had it for two years. If we are learning and implementing items that accelerate your vision then it’s totally worth it. But if we look at it a couple of times then find ourselves not having time to go back to it, then maybe now is not the right time to have it. 

I encourage everyone reading this article to have a CLEAR vision of your next year’s goals for your business. Break those goals into smaller steps. As you continue your learning journey, you will be able to determine whether the next learning opportunity or software purchase fits into your vision. Will it build your company or will it take time and money from your growth? 

Resources for Entrepreneurs and Business Owners

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