What is success to you? As an entrepreneur, you decide your success … and stick to it! Don’t let yourself off easy. If you are going to be successful as an entrepreneur, you have to have that never say die attitude. This doesn’t mean do anything stupid but it does mean that you don’t give up just because an obstacle comes into play. What you will start seeing as an entrepreneur is that obstacles always come into play. 

If you don’t have that never say die mindset, either work on yourself to improve or don’t be an entrepreneur. Why do I say this? Being an entrepreneur isn’t easy. I can name multiple times where I thought to myself maybe I should just go get a job. It’s steady money, benefits and vacation time. After almost ten years, I haven’t done it! I love the challenge of being an entrepreneur! 

What is my definition of SUCCESS? 

S: Stay true to you

You must determine what success for you. 

U: Unleash your inner champion

Success in business will always take hard work. There are ups and downs. You have to believe in you, your team (if you have one) and the vision before you. Sometimes you have to dig really deep! 

C: Conquer your fears

Most entrepreneurs experience fears but you have to conquer those fears to be your best and experience true success. 

C: Courage

Success takes courage. Courage is a daily battle! It’s how I live my life. As the business grows, new challenges arise that I haven’t encountered before. 

E: Elevate to a new level

As you continue to conquer your fears and come from a place of courage, you take the next steps to elevate to a new level.

S: Surpass the old

What you will find is that you surpass the old as you step into the next level of success. You will also find that sometimes your core circle changes as well. You want to hang out with those who are likeminded and like-hearted. 

S: Surmount the insurmountable 

Keep following your path to success no matter what gets in your way. Realize that you will experience ups and downs but you will push through them. 

How do you do achieve success?

Consistency in action! Below are a few key aspects of business. 

  1. Always research new happenings in your industry so you stay on top of new techniques, updated research and anything else that might affect your company positively or negatively.
  2. Know and implement tried and true business principles. Certain business principles don’t change so it’s important to understand what they are and how to implement them in your business. 
  3. Develop consistent habits to improve you and your business. This is one of the most important aspects of owning a business. You must continually look to improve you, which in turn will improve the business. 
  4. Set measurable goals! Goals are an important aspect of business and life. Every goal you set should be able to be measured. 
  5. Re-evaluate on a monthly basis. This is essential so you know your progress and can adjust as needed. 
  6. If you need help, get a mentor, a coach or at the very least an accountability partner. 

You Decide Your Success

Success may mean something different to each one of us but as a business owner, it is essential to know exactly what success means to you. Your definition dictates your business plan, your focus and your day-to-day activities. Understanding you is the first step to true business success! Ultimately, you decide your success! To hear more about this topic, check out the podcast