Life and business are all about learning. If you stop learning, you might as well stop living. Over the last 2 ½ days, I had the opportunity to attend a FREE Webinar put on by Craig Duswalt, who is known for his RockStar Marketing Program and now Rock Your Life program. I heard Craig speak at the Women’s Prosperity Network Conference in South Florida approximately nine years ago. I’ve stayed on his email list through the years and during the Coronavirus Pandemic, while one of his live events was cancelled, he decided to put on a free 2 ½ day webinar with himself and a few additional speakers. It was entertaining, interesting, engaging and enlightening.

Needless to say, I was on most of the time, picking up various tidbits of information from Craig and the different speakers. I find that you can learn from most people if you are open to listening. As the last speaker was introduced, I found myself wishing it would continue for another day. Glenn Morshower came on and inspired and engaged as the program came to an end. Many know Glenn for his Secret Service role in the TV show, 24, but he has had hundreds of TV and movie roles over his years. He is also an inspirational speaker.

One of the key things that Morshower spoke about are the four mindsets! I have always believed that mindset is important in how we live our lives, but he broke it down into four succinct categories. Each of us falls into one of these at any given time in our life. As he spoke, he talked about how, when he was an aspiring actor, he went to L.A. Many who go to pursue music or acting aren’t always sure how the endeavor will turn out. With Morshower, he was clear. He wasn’t planning to pursue an acting career, he was planning to have an acting career. It wasn’t a mindset of possibility but a mindset of inevitability. Where do you see yourself in the following mindsets?

Four Mindsets

  1. Impossibility: We have all seen people who always say no to anything suggested. No is the answer to everything. The theme word is NO!
  2. Possibility: Many people are here throughout life. They think they are open to all of the possibilities and in this you see positivity and potential. There is always a possibility or a maybe. The theme word is MAYBE!
  3. Probability: If you own a business or want to start a business, it is really necessary to at least be in the Probability mindset. Here you see everything as likely. What you want will probably happen. You launch a new product or service and it will probably be a success. The theme word is LIKELY!
  4. Inevitability: When I listen to successful entrepreneurs, business owners or athletes, most of the time they are either in a mindset of probability or inevitability. With the inevitability mindset, a person believes there is no other option or available outcome. You hear successful athletes walk this path. The theme word is YES!

Where is your mindset today? Do you feel your mindset affects how you operate on a daily basis in your business and in your life? If you feel yourself stray out of the mindset of probability or inevitability, what can you do to assist? We are often our own biggest critic, so mindset is key!  Without the right mindset, it is difficult to run a successful business.